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April 15, 2014



I hear ya about the weather. It's been cold here all week, and even north of here snowed buckets. Thankfully we didn't get much snow and they say 60's in the forecast next week. Praying it STAYS this time and praying for warmer weather for you, too!
It is a lot of work to get things going and to do it right for your business. But once it's done you won't have to do a whole lot, and especially now that I have the first year under my belt I feel like I have most everything I need so it will be even easier.
I am SO happy for you guys and your trip. It sounds so wonderful and I'm so excited for you, you deserve it!
Hearing on you on the struggles and sharing and all that. I feel like I share just enough so I know what I'm talking about but not enough to give everything away. :)
Love you, friend.


I hear you on the staying at home thing. I remember people saying to me when Scott was a pastor, "well, why don't you go get a job to help support the family?" I wanted to punch them. We made the decision that I would stay at home and so therefore we also accepted that our lives would be financially tight and sometimes downright scary. We had debt a few times. We had cars break and doctor's bills that we could not afford. And I would look at everyone around me taking these awesome vacations. I would also look around at other grocery carts in the grocery store and Target and be envious that they could just fill their carts up with out thinking about the bill. And I would be there putting things back on the shelves bc I knew we could probably do with out it. This is part of the reason that I started just taking big day trips around our state because we couldn't afford the overnight hotel costs and so I started looking at ways we could do things for relatively free. Which in the end was actually more meaningful than the tropical island resort get away that others were taking. At least that's how I felt. Your trip is going to be awesome, partly because of where you are going, but because you will feel the weight and value of it and how much work it took to take it. You know?
Keep going friend! You are an amazing mom and incredible contribution to your family. You work so hard to honor God and be the best mom and wife you can be. You may never be rewarded by winning the lottery, but you will be rewarded with the fruit you see in your childrens' lives as they grow up into amazing human beings.

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