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January 09, 2013



You are brave and courageous and following His path will lead to an amazing, peaceful and whole life. I love you so much!


very very cool! I love reading what everyone's words are. I cant wait to see how this one plays out in your life. Ive never been brave enough to choose one for myself yet, but I love what yours represents for you!


Praying for you my friend! Even though your word last year was a struggle it was given just to you. When I think about my words I always assume they're going to be an easy-going goal, kind of happy, never a struggle. Love the work He's doing in you.


Oh beautiful friend. Got teary eyed as I read this because I know the struggles you have had and the wholeness you desire. I am so proud of you for being faithful in taking those steps to get you there. Praying for you, sweet friend. Love you.


Such a great word. Prayers to you that you find the wholeness you desire!


What a great word, wholeness. Sending love your way! xo


I know the wholeness you are seeking and I seek it too. I know the He will get us both there! {{{hugs}}}

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