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January 05, 2013



Love your list, sounds like it's going to be a great year with lots of love, friends and family. I gave Jim the same thing for Christmas. :)


Great list! When do you go to CA? That'll be fun! And meeting online friends will also be really exciting! Come see me! ;-)
OH to be turning 35 again...sigh... ;-) enjoy 35! 40 comes around far too quickly!
Exciting to hear you will be running again. Me too. Need to lose some weight. Even thought about doing a half marathon. We will see how crazy I get. ;-)
Happy New Year!


I am very excited about your list. :)


Fabulous list and I'm very excited about a particular item!! :)


You're coming to California?? :)


So many good things to look forward to this year! I pray that God will cover you in each and every day, in each and every activity. Love you, precious daughter!


i adore this!
i think i need to copy you.

your list is awesome.
i want to give my hubby that gift soon...maybe just as a surprise i love you kind of gift :)

you are a gem!


Are you going to CA to see Tracey?! Looks like much to look forward to. Enjoy!


Do you make your own list or follow prompts?

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