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November 23, 2012



LOVE Your take on this! I was stumped so I haven't taken mine yet!!! I will tomorrow! 4 year old boys are hard!!! Him and Eli sound like two of a kind!


I love all the emotion in your words - your fierce love and desire to nurture his spirit is so evident. And that plane lined up at the edge of the plate is so Silas! Praying that God will show you the path while you enjoy these days. Being 4 is such a formative year - he needs your unqualified love. and acceptance. But you already know that :) Love you!


Great pictures.
I'm betting he has a huge imagination, and probably knows how something should work out, and when it doesn't, he feels like a failure...hmmm, have a wonderfully exciting time with that cute as a button little boy, Heather.


I love the sight of boys and their cars! It's just like, meant to be.

I swear, four year olds are harder than the two's and three's. It's like, almost backwards. Kids are always teaching us as we teach them. You both will get through this, together. I know you will! xo


Love these, H. I had to smile because my E has the exact same cars, even the plane. And he acts the exact same way. I think our boys would get along well. :)


Max would have so much fun with your boy. :) All of those cars...
Boys are so hard. Of course I have no idea what girls are like (and really, I think I'd be more scared to have a girl!) but boys are challenging. They show their emotions so much in their attempts to figure it all out. Max is so stubborn and can be downright nasty sometimes, but then he can be the sweetest thing ever when all is right in his world.
It's funny how I always always wanted a girl, but now I can't imagine having one. And I always said if we had a second, I'd want another boy. :)

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