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November 02, 2012



Beautiful shots of the snow and frost. I love to see spiderwebs with frost on them. Never noticed it before until last winter. So pretty.
Happy Friday Heather! Hope you get some more sunshine. :)


We had a frosty spider web like that last winter and I pulled my camera out to get shots of it, too. I was mesmerized by it. There is amazing beauty in winter (or Canadian Fall) if we slow down to look. I love the pop of green of S's coat against the whites and greys in the first shot. So pretty.


These are so lovely, H. I love that you stop to appreciate the little things, like frost on a spider web. You inspire me to stop and take in the beauty more often.


Soooo lovely! All of them! I keep staying inside and being a wimp so I haven't enjoyed any of the new snowy beauty!


So beautiful. Adore the green coat + red hat in the midst of all that white!


I love all of these Heather! The frosty spider web is perfect - how do you not marvel at that creation - but I especially love the one of him walking with his stick. All that colour against such a beautiful white background. Love it!


What a winter wonderland! So beautiful! Your instagram photos of late look like they could be postcards!


I love spider webs and even love it more that you captured it with frost! Gosh! So beautiful! I love this set! <3 Love it a lot!


You know I love me some texture! Just thought I'd pop on over here, just like you popped on over at my blog. The first and second ones are my favorite - and I love the spider web (just don't show Wendy!) HA!

Amanda Kelley

YIKES!!!! Snow. I am dreading the white stuff. Though I forgot until this post, just how beautiful it can be. I am in love eith that spider web! My son is sitting here with me, just amazed. Great captures!


such beautiful photos! we rarely have snow in this area of Tuscany - and only for a few days! but if we get snow i'm out with my camera every time i'm out!


What amazing photos! I wish I could experience living in snow - if only for a few weeks... ;)


These are gorgeous Heather. Love your frosty spider webs. All of your photos kind of make me want snow. Kind of :)

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