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October 26, 2012



She is a gorgeous little girl! It's crazy how fast time flies once we have children. I still can't get over it. :)


What a sweet girl you have - enjoy every day with her...because time really flies too fast!


She so pixie cute. Happy birthday!!
I found that the ages up to 6 went by very slowly compared to, say, grades 5 and up. I barely remember a thing from those middle/high school years. Maybe because I did my job right and they didn't Need me for most things anymore :-( sob.
Honestly, I am shocked at how I got to be this age without realizing it was happening.
I hope everyone is feeling better at your house, and I'm still praying about your foot.


Love your take on this theme! And what a sweet girl she is! Happy Birthday to Miss H from all of us!!


Oh boy. The years just fly by, don't they. It's funny too how we as moms can instantly transport ourselves back to the early moments of parenthood so easily and yet at the same time those "old days" feel like a lifetime ago.

Happy birthday to your beautiful girl and congratulations on making it through 6 years of parenting! ;)


She was and is so adorable. She looks like her mama!


My oldest just turned 7 on the 24th -- I totally understand how you feel. I'm not sure where the time has gone either. She's absolutely adorable. Glad to hear it was a great day!


I cannot believe how quickly time has flown. I love her gorgeous smile - and your beautiful scrapbook page. Happy belated birthday H!


love seeing her holding the photos of herself as a newborn. such a big difference!


You are so right, where does the time fly??? *Sigh*

So great to have cameras to capture the memories.


She was adorable then and she is still adorable :) It was wonderful to see you this weekend and to celebrate the birthday. I'm so very thankful for every memory that we've made with her, from the early days of going to the park to the mornings when they cuddle in bed with us now. We are blessed to be their grandparents! Love you!!


She is so adorable, Heather. What a sweet girl you have there.

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