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October 09, 2012



Poor Silas. Sounds like he's on the mend but it's no fun (for him or you) when that happens. And it's so hard to just put down our lists and hold them when that happens.

I adore that bath photo.

I've been meaning to email you for the past few days but it's another week where I've overpromised stuff and I'm just trying to keep up. :) You starting your list again inspired me to pick up One Thousand Gifts. I bought it a year ago and every time I start it just can't get into it. I started reading it again and now I love it. I guess the timing is right. I'm so looking forward to the end of the week when I have a bit more time to read.


Jenn is right. It's hard to put down our lists. But remembering that no matter what we put on our lists that our families always hold the top spot on those lists helps. I'm glad S is on the mend and I hope you are able to get into a comfortable rhythm again. :)


I know I already told you but I love that bath photo. :) And I always love reading your lists!


Love your lists, as always. Your piano is beautiful. I always wished we would have had one and that I learned how to play. So happy to hear Silas is feeling better. xo


I love that you have cell phone pics in here now! ;) And I wish I could text you, but I'm thinking that's an international text and might cost me an arm & leg. ;)
And those tomatoes - mouth watering...Love the heart-shaped basket they are in.
Always love to see your lists.


I just love catching a glimpse of your days by reading the list and seeing the photos. Hugs to all of you - I hope everyone is healthy again. The piano looks marvelous - I can hardly wait to see them playing IRL. Let me know when you need more tomatoes - I still have some in the greenhouse (with the heat on tonight!). Love you!

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