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August 21, 2012



Happy that you have so much fun stuff going on but sad you're signing off for a while. Enjoy your family and the time away!

I bought one of those foam rollers for my IT band today. Still so much pain but I'm hoping this will help. Your body's not feeling any better?

Gorgeous tomato pic, as usual. And you're worrying me a little with the safety while driving one but saying a prayer of thanks that you are safe.


Lovely little tomatoes! They look good.
Running through pain and fears and tears doesn't sound good...hope you are okay, friend. Keep running! (Says the girl who hasn't run in over a month...)
Enjoy your break! Sounds like a busy few weeks ahead. Can't WAIT to see the wedding photos! You'll do amazing. When is it? (I'll keep you in my prayers!)
We will all be here when you return.


I'm going to miss you in this space - it's always so nice to see and hear about what's up. Awesome pictures - again! Love you so much!


have a wonderful break and all that comes with it! I cant wait to see lots of pictures when youre back!


Heather, I just love you so much. I want you to know that before you sign off for your wild adventure! :)

I understand the limited time and I think you are wise for finding areas where you can carve out a little extra breathing room. It sounds like you guys are making the most of what's left of summer and it's going to be awesome. I can't wait to hear all about it when you log back on... whenever that is. :)

I am so glad that you are experiencing peace through this time. I'm so glad your awesome husband is there for you fully. What a blessing that is. I'm glad to hear your running and will continually pray for healing for your PF.

Love you!


I miss you! Praying for you.


love your photos, heather. i look forward to you coming back!! until then, i'll see you on facebook!

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