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August 03, 2012



Love the patterns in that first one! And Helayna's goggle-y eyes. And Silas's feet. I guess I just love them all. :)
Gracie is just dying for the day she can get in too. She won't be 3 until April so next summer she'll finally get to go in the lessons too.


LOve the water shots... but even more love seeing summery pics on your blog. They are so rare! ;)


I love that first photo especially because it has a hidden Mickey in it. Must go show my family, they will spot it in a heart beat. If you don't know what a hidden Mickey is...google it! And I think our girls would love to swim together. They seem to be fish!


That first picture is SO COOL!!!! My older kids love the water but the younger two hate it! Hopefully that changes some day!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE that first photo. Stunning. Thanks for sharing!


i'm kind of sad that this year we haven't been near water much. :(

i loved summers when my dad would take us to the beach.... we'd get home and feel as if we're still walking thru water.

these are great memories that they'll have. simple as that.


Awesome photos. I love the first one and how you captured the ripples of the water and the cleanness of the water.
I can't wait to come visit and go swimming with you guys. Samuel loves the water, too, but does get cold like Silas especially if it's windy out. Samuel's in swimming lessons right now and while he cried the first one and refused to get in the water we know wave good-bye from the deck as he goes with his instructor and gets his life jacket on. I don't think he even looks for us the whole time. I hope the kids enjoy their lessons in the summer and fall. Remember how we use to take the bus to swimming lessons?


After reading your comment on my blog and then coming to see this... It makes me sad that our girls can't hang out because I really think they would get along swimmingly. Ha. I crack myself up. :)


LOVE the first photo. My boy is so enjoying his first go at swimming lessons. So fun!


Oh, I just love this post...I knew by seeing the first photo in this post, the next few to follow would be awesome...like that photo was my attention getter. I love the google shot, but am totally in love with that shot just under the water. And I agree, it's been a summer for water. If every week's theme had to with water I would be set!


These shots are so great! The first one is beautiful! Your kids need to show owen how easy it is to swim...hes a little timid when it comes to water. Hes getting better but not quite there yet! :)


That first photo is mesmerizing...I could stare it for a long time. Must be fun to have kids who love the water so much! I'll be interested to hear how the swimming lessons go. Max starts tomorrow. He is scared to death to put his face in the water. (And I totally see the Mickey Mouse Tracey mentioned!)

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