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January 24, 2012



YAY! I just starting following you on Pinterest. And I like your Valentine's day pins. :)
Michelle's post got me thinking too.
What a great friend to surprise you with pedicures and coffee!
As a crying, I totally love that quote.


Just followed your Valentine's day board. I need to do some crafty things around here with the kids but so far I haven't really come up with anything.

Helayna coming back for her chair so she could mail the letter herself is the sweetest. moment. ever. Don't you kind of wished you still scrapbooked when stuff like that happens?!

I loved Michelle's post. And love amazing blog friends. Between her post and Lisa's post this week it's given me a lot to think about.


I love this post. I could talk about each point. But I'll save it. For Friday! YIPPEE!!


LOVE this post.

The Time Traveler's Wife????? Love that book. I've read it three times. I'm sure you find yourself flipping back and forth a lot!

The "gift" love language side of you must have LOVED those pedicures! I know I would have. Would have made my week for sure. What a wonderful friend.

And yes on the embracing who you are! That's why I wrote that post last week. I can SO relate to your number 10 and the quote.

And are you getting together with Michelle?? Give her a hug for me! I can't wait to give her one IRL next weekend! :-)


I love that thought on crying...Ive always been like that too, trying to never let people see me do it and yet feeling that Im too sensitive when I do do it. Ive felt whiny and lame and silly. Im always going to be the girl who gets her feelings hurt way too easily and who is very sensitive and worries about what people think of me, but maybe Ill just have to come to terms with the fact that that is just who I am...


I think Helayna coming back for her chair is SO CUTE! And "Puss" is too cute too! He reminds me a lot of the "Woody" I had for years (usually with his Buzz toy in tow).


There is SO MUCH to love about this post :) :) I actually snorted coffee out my nose at Silas' comment LOL!! My thoughts exactly!

And Time Travellers' Wife...oh my goodness! Every time I read it...I won't spoil it, but wow. It's one of my all-time favourites!

And Helayna and her chair...and crying...you've hit just about every good feeling there is :) Such a great post, thanks Heather!

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