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January 25, 2011


Vanessa Gooch

I love the 30 day Shred! It is such a great workout that does not require a huge amount of time, or money. I should start doing it again....sigh! That is awesome though, day 21! Way to go! So how do the kids like gymnastics? I am trying to think of something to put our kids into, too. I think Zech will try to pretend that every piece of gymnastics equipment is some kind of weapon or warrior stuff--he is obsessed lately. We just found out that the huge Sportsplex is two minutes down the road from us, within walking distance--yay!

Vanessa Gooch

P.S. I can't believe that our kids are starting Kindergarten this year too! We have a 'meet & greet' at a school that we are looking at putting Zech into next week. It kind of makes me sad too! :o( Where on earth did the time go!


wow! kindergarten!? It just doesnt seem possible! I have a whole year until I sign Anna up because of her late birthday, but I am having a hard time even thinking about that too! Do they love gymnastics? Anna goes too and loves it!


Oh, the time has just slipped by, hasn't it? She is going to love going to school - she is so ready for all the things that will happen there. The warm weather has been marvelous but the snow is so, so deep. Blake did much better crawling on top today! Love you!!

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