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October 12, 2010



It's always good to see what you are eating :) I'm making borscht too - beets are cooking right now! We had sauerkraut and ribs last night - fresh from the 'crock' as I canned the rest of the batch. Love you!


I was finally organizing all my loose recipes into a binder with page protectors and came across the borscht recipe from you...is this the one you were looking for? Call me if you need it. By the way, I had a borscht craving a few weeks ago and found some in the fridge section at Costco and it was fantastic.

Rhonda Steed

oooh the recipes look great! I have a cookbook that the whole thing is based around roll over meals. The guy doesn't call it that he has some other name - but it's the same thing. You cook the meal one day and then turn the leftovers into something fantasticly new the next day. I'll find the book and tell you what it's called!


Yum! Sounds like a great week of meals at your house.
I was keen to try the grilled cheese french toast but Tyler was a little skeptical. He'll have to come back and read your post. Since we have a ton of bread, apples, cheese and eggs it might just be on this weekend's menu.
Oh, I made slow cooker sweet potato lasagna for supper tonight and it was delicious. I'll send it your way.

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