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October 25, 2010



That is a beautiful list! I remember getting the phone call in the middle of the night that you were going to the hospital (we had just seen you on Sunday!) and then waiting at school to hear more. We are so very blessed to be grandparents to Helayna. She is a precious, beautiful gift from God. It was marvelous to spend the weekend with you all and be part of the party. Much love to everyone!


She sounds like an amazing little girl, Heather. Happy 4th to her!


I was thinking of the birthday girl yesterday! I love the pictures.

crystal johnson

How sweet!!! It's so hard to believe our babies are turning 4 already. I asked Owen last night if he could stay 3 forever and he started crying and saying I didn't want him to be 4 and he wants to be 4.


We love that beautiful and precious girl, too. Tyler comments often on how much he misses her and playing with her. We miss you all lots.
Your weekend must have been awesome. Those cakes are incredible and I'm sure have disappeared by now. Happy Birthday, Helayna! Big hugs from Auntie Mel, Uncle Ty and Samuel.

Rhonda Steed

Ah love it all! Great list. Lots of love to that sweet little birthday girl!!!
(And on a side note - I had a friend just have a set of twin boys up there and she needs some pictures taken of them - are you up for some newborn pictures??? I assume you are but I wanted to give you a heads up!)


It seems like so little time has passed since we first started talking while pregnant with our girls! It looks like she had the happiest of birthdays!

ps...love your new bowl!

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