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September 28, 2010



Sounds delicious!! I might have to try some of them and break out of my mold too. I look forward to the pictures and your reviews :) There is so much autumn vegetable goodness right now that meals are really yummy. Love you!


I really want to try the tomato sauce with onion and butter recipe. I hope you guys love it! Maybe it will encourage me to make it :)

Rhonda Steed

oh those look great!!!! I'll show you what we ate this week tomorrow. Great blog post :)

Mary MacAskill

Such a good idea to plan the meals for the week. I do this on paper, but not to sure if I can commit to blogging. Maybe I should so that I can take food photos? Add it to my list for 2011. And btw, these recipes all sound really good.


I made the black bean and corn burritos for supper this week, and it was delicious. Samuel ate his share and then some of mine. It made a huge batch, so I'll have to freeze some of it since it's just the two of us eating these days.
Thanks for sharing and giving me some new ideas, esp. crockpot ideas to try.
So glad you're enjoying the kitchen these days. It does help when you love your work space. ;)

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