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September 21, 2010


Vanessa Gooch

I so completely understand the whole job situation with Jonathan! Yup I have a full time job, with some pretty great people and an awesome boss, not to mention the exact hours that I need and want, but this is sooo not where my heart is, what I want to be doing. what I would love to do. :o( I hope that saying is true too! It has been a hard week, with a couple of little ones crying every day, and one in particular really upset because I am leaving him! :o(( You guys are in our prayers! P.S. we would love to move back......


I hope the Study goes well tomorrow - the title is very interesting! If I lived closer, I'd go with you :) Yeah - you scrapbooked again! I want to see it - you always inspire me. Alone time is always a treat and I'm curious to know which neighbors are selling. Love you!!

Rhonda Steed

I am so glad you got to scrapbook again!!!! I've been feeling it again and have been doing way more in the last few weeks that I have in MONTHS! I am so happy about it! Love that picture! And I am so happy Jonathon found something - but I hope he can find something he LIKES. Enjoy your study group - it sounds great!

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