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August 10, 2010



It's so great to hear what everyone's up to. I miss those cute carrot munchers. Silas's words are so clear. I love how he says pony. Too cute.
Can I come share in the bounty of the garden? What have you done with all the swiss chard?
I'm excited to read your posts and keep up with you more. How about we take a culinary vacation to Greece just to learn how to make all that delicious food. There is a Greek cuisine cooking course offered at the institute I'm going to on the weekend. I couldn't decided between Greek or Thai. What would you pick?


What a great list! A perfect little glimpse into your world today. Thanks for sharing the links - I love the beautiful idea. And I'm looking forward to seeing you with the cute ruffled tshirt. The video and the garden picture are awesome!! Love you!!


we are so hit or miss with Anna's "chore" chart. Some days it feels like more of a fight than it is worth to get anything completed on it. I always wonder how to get her to do the simplest things without having to bribe her. Here's hoping your chore chart goes better than ours!

Vanessa Gooch

Love your list and your pictures! That video of Silas and all his little words and sounds is too stinkin cute! Wow he has grown! I love, love, love that ruffle shirt! What a great way to recycle some old clothes??! We just sat down last night to talk about Zech's chores/responsibilities and work on our family contract. Now I just need to print it out and hold a family meeting to discuss it and then implement. I will let you know how things go! ;o)

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